Teoria de Cuerdas (Original Mix) FutureForm Music

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A bevy of new releases flying from digital shelves, FutureForm now steps forward once more under the tutelage of Kieran Krohn. His impressive label management to the fore, a trio of new tracks from Spaniard, Integral Bread, now create a textured “Moonscape”. Nacho Vargas has almost 20 years of experience in electronic music production. From early experimentations in the mid 90s to a collaborative outfit named “Bread and Butter” in 2000, Nacho’s knowledge and know-how has afforded him considerable success amongst the Spanish live scene. Attendances at such events as “Klubbers Day”, “Summer Festival” and “Live Dance Festival”, saw the pair play to audiences of thousands picking up a best act award, playing alongside the galactic Orbital as well as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola and Guy Gerber. Deciding to develop a solo career, Nacho’s Integral Bread moniker has built its own success story. Taking a range of sounds and influences, “from techno, to trance and progressive” but with an “electronica spine”, Integral Bread has developed a formula for production and live work that has garnered invitations to appear on Spanish National Radio 3 and a live personal appearance on “Fluido Rosa”. Captivating an expectant 20,000 strong stadium audience at “Klubbers Madrid” marked an epiphany for the Integral Bread sound as Nacho returned to the studio to develop his unique approach. Founding the Univack imprint added yet another string to his bow, as have releases on such luminary imprints as Indigo and Lowbit. And thus it is now with great pleasure that FutureForm is delighted to announce Integral Bread’s debut on the label with his “Moonscape” EP. Opening with the aptly named title track, “Moonscape” oozes percussive textures that crisply play across the stereo soundstage accompanied by a deep, dark bass groove that stretches into the depths of space. A dazzling plucked motif forms an immense melodic backbone that grows effortlessly in the mid section to form a lunar assault in the final third. “Implosion” provides a steadier progressive house flow with its rhythmic offbeat plucks and house beats providing metronomic regularity. Developing apace, filtered arpeggios rise and fall in gated glory to create a glorious cacophony of sound that provides a sense of kismet that is elegantly linked to its catastrophic title. The final part of the atmospheric triptych sees “Teoria De Cuerdas” present a melange of vocal cuts and laconic phrases that combine to add a subtle layer of flavour and depth. Clever use of extreme tape delays create textured spot effects as a carefully placed array of plucked notes generate a dark emotive sound that weaves a path of enlightenment through its ‘string theory’. Founded in his “Moonscape” trilogy, the proof of Integral Bread’s production skill is firmly evident in his lunar adventures through space and sound. Text by James Warren

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