Not A Real Person (Ft. Ricky Spanish) [Prod. MeltyCanon]

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Been holding on to this track for forever it seems. Shout out to my bro Ricky Spanish for blessing this track with me. More from us coming soon. Exactly when who knows. lol. Hope you all enjoy

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Ricky Spanish:
Papito rico de guapo antics
Mr. “Do Dat Dizzy Damage”
Poppin’ two xani’s then vanish,
puttin’ hands on any canvas
Vincent Van Go-ku
My mixtape so sake but my album ‘bout to go shōchū
Flick a little wrist then I son a couple silly kids
If they gimme lip I disown em’ as illegitimate
Notice how I deliver this poet-fire to potent liars,
you sayin’ you’re sick is tellin’ chicks they’ll just get tip of dick
Came hard like a virgin
Trabajando siempre: I been workin’

All black always lookin’ like I’m lurkin’ n’ poppin’ pills like I ain’t a real person


Tell Ricky I do not know spanish,
But me with these bars im about to do damage
Ask every nino know your boy frio
Cut your hermanita now she need a bandage
I’ve been a savage do more shit than you can manage
Commander of kouhais don’t brandish for no guy
except for her senpai
I make her wet then I leave her to drip dry
Filming a hentai

Inside my room I fill her womb
plan to take over every thing like I’m Doctor Doom
Aint talking that nigga on the m.i.c.
more a evil mastermind is who I be
Been feeling locked down in the AUG
Bout to break this seal Jinchurriki
Shawty sex appeal so damn ecchi
Got me breakin my neck just so I can see

That fat ass like Widowmaker one shot
one kill imma need a savior
One shot one pill few minutes later
Shawty got me tied up in a room with lasers
Drift in and out of time like my name’s Tracer
Snap on every beat like a fuckin gator
Got kouhais in Japan, Decatur
NTR your girl it’s okay to hate her


Nowadays I’ve been feelin im not real,
Drift out consciousness like I done popped a pill
Nekomimis on me tryna cop a feel
Tell my shoujos there’s no lackin in the field

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