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Oh my I done got inspired-motivated
Since my nigga Robbie hit me like
“Waddup? Ya homies waitin
For dat newness marinatin
Gon n make it why u waitin?”

I been turnin wild’n wit the family we ragin
Wasn’t focused on no music
I was posted wit coolest
Niggas in the valley
Yea the southern part of Cali

I been workin on my spanish
Shit I’m tryna take advantage
Most the time don’t understand it
I ain’t fluent but I manage
(ESTOY Aprendiendo!)
The shit is Lookin up
Ima make a Livin off the shit I’m Cookin up
I ain’t been wit hella women I ain’t in to hookin up
I’m that nigga that ain’t gettin wit a slut

I keep it solid wit the solid ones
Legends what I’m callin em
They nothin less
They fuckin wit me shit I’m fuckin blessed

We rockin till it’s over wit
I be on that stoner shit
U ask me for a favor bruh remind me so i don’t forget

The realest shit I look make
Now that I done took a break
I’m feelin like I could create
The shit niggas couldn’t hate
Needa do some shows im tryna book the dates

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