Kalliope – Beware Music

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Beware Music
Two years ago, I was walking down the street going to my old home in Neukölln and on the side of the
road, I found an old photo album, all the pages where falling down but most of the photos where in
good condition .
I came back home and I stared at it for the frst time. Coulnt fnd any link on the photos , just a Lady
was over and over portaged in diferent etages of life. So I assume she was the old owner.
Ten after take them out of the old pages of the album carefully I looked at the back of some of them
and the oldest I could fnd was from 1925 and the most early was 1975 (few in color), on 1975 the lady
mentioned was looking too old and probably she was in the last etage of her life.
So I started to think I could use them but,
I thought to use them with the most respect possible, whitout making any modifcations of the original
photo so I made some scans and keep them in my fle for a while.
Arround 6 moths ago, one day I was looking for a cover art to add to my new track and I found those
old photos again,
Looking at them I found a really interesting photo that was portaying an old man, factory at his back
and quite a few fower bouquets, one on his hands and few more on the ground.
I was totally touched by the picture and really interested on fnd more about that photo.
But the information was too limited and I Tought that maybe I woulnt fnd more, just a real beautifull
and evocative old photo, nothing else.
Anyway I used it for my track Pressure, due to the lack of information and more guided by the desire
of create.
Order Is Built on sand.
Ten I was doing a really light piece of music, house styled but pretty kind and and gentle and I wanted
to have a voice over so I called to- at that time -my fatmate Djane Leña to come over and record
whatever she wanted.
She recorded some political stuf and we tried to come up with an overarching concept. Ultimately she
suggested the Rosa Luxemburg speech “Order is built on Sand” and I thought that was a perfect strong
speach and intonation for it.
I dig on my old photo box and I found one of the oldest pictures I have from 1925 that pictures what I
think could be a high class family on 1925; (From left to right) Female with a bike, Male kid standing
up dressed in white. Hunt dog (German Short Haired Pointer) and Male standing with a double-
barrelled shotgun on his back.. Pretty much a family photo representing the stablished, at that time
about family values and tradition.
Tis track it comes from another colaboration, the frst one with Gregor Trierweiller, He is a heavy
weigth in sound so I crazy focused that track to make it sound as round and perfect as I could.
We did our parts and I propose to him to use one of my old photos, to fnd something that we could
relate, I showed them to him and he went straight foward to a photo of the door of a toilet (the way the picture is framed you can mainly see a sink).
regor asked me what the name of that was in spanish,he pointed the picture and I anwser ; well..in
politely speech you would say thats its a “lavabo”, and he loved it.
*Many of the sounds used for this tracks comes from his espectacular modular setup, one of the most
versatile instruments ever made.
Another collaboration with Gregor Trierweiller due to the size of the track we did, we wanted to go less
dark and try more for old house styled music, soulful and dreamy this time.
I thought, because of the sounds used by an old roland machine together with his modular setup it was
kind of like a sigh from old summers.
And we call it sommer, this time in german, to be both equilibrated.
Again I dug into my old photo box and I found this one picture portraying a big guy, who looks pretty
happy about his horse on a sunny day, these happy old days that you keep in the back of your mind.
Another perfect match to my little collection.
The Drift
Ten one morning in the studio I produced another piece looking for a stimulating new sound and way
to arrange the music sightly diferently, and then of course I dug into my old photo box to fnd a clue of
what was going to be the title of this one.
I found this peculiar series of photos of a normal camp day by the lake , I focused on a group photo
portraying all the characters in swim suits. One of the most evocative quality of this photos being the
fact that every person in it has a story yet I have no idea what it is, and I still am very curious about the
guy on the left dressing completely in black, long pants and long sleeve (summer day), a chain hanging
out of his pants and his hands on his back.
But if you look to the right you will fnd the old man pretty familiar, its the old man from the frst cover
Tat wasn’t enough to get a story out of it and,again more for the will of create than for real poetic
inspiration I called it the Drift, cause that was what I was doing.
Die Kunstler
It happened, that once I fnish a track, I export it converting it into one fle that can be played , I loose
the authorship of it, I no longer remember if I really made that track, I mean of course I do but …it
feels like it‘s not mine anymore and now belongs to something else.
Tat thing specially happends with this track, the harmony tells experiences about my life, Its probably
the track that most get personal and close to my innerself.
As per usual I dug into my photobox and I found this guy sitting on a bench, with a mysterious and
foggy landscape in the background.
His hair looks like he has been thinking and touching his head at the same time, just like many artist do
when they‘re dealing with something, half crazy, serious and with a foggy mysterious background.
Te muses tend to keeps the artist in the real word, with real needs, real fears and threats so in this way they keep half of the head of the inspired in the real life (sane or insane).
In greek mythology Kalliope is the oldest of the Mousai (Muses), the goddesses of music, song and
However there are nine more additional muses in the ancient Greek and they all have diferent skills for
diferent arts. And I guess, if they really do exist,then they inspired this piece of music, because I have
no clue where it came from.
-*Pressure ,-Expressure (part 2)
his is a perfect example of how drifting can take you to a real discovery.
Surprisingly one day I found a really small photo (about as small as half of a tobacco rolling paper) that
introduced me the second part of the cover of Pressure*, that showed the lonely old man hanging the
fowers at the exit of a factory .
Well, get ready for the next scene: A group of women with the same factory background (I assume,
they‘re workers getting out of the factory) with fowers in their hands. Tat the old man gave them.
Pretty nice scene. Considering that the frst one was intricating me, making me wonder what was that
old man doing there with the hands full of fowers? Well now we know, he must have been quite the
dandy back in the days.
the hands full of fowers? Well know we know, back in the days he sure was a real dundee.
Symphonie en blanc majeur
Another great fnd, the artist (“Die Kunstler” cover) posing with the muses from “Kalliope”.
Te artist and the muses.
Te whole art world done by men during the whole history has been probably secretly spelled to seduce
the woman.
Symphonie en blanc majeur is a poem from the french writer Téophile GAUTIER , I took the title of
his poem due to its evocative nature and because probably the artist will be crazy (like the groove of the
track) meeting the three muses at the same time.
In english it usually means vow, but sometimes is used for the word `curse´.
Te music itself is a 4/4 techno styled dark industrial atmosphere, obscure violent but groovy and
Because of the dark nature of the track, this time I chose the most dark disturbing photo from the
Taken out of context and linked with such an obscure piece it generates a whole new personality and
Innerself Dance
I wanted to do a techno piece that represents for me what techno dancing does to some people.
Tis kind of trance that you can get into, when in a long session of dancing in the dark, alone yet
surrounded by others, alone as well with themselves but really having fun.
I recorded the vocals and played around with them for a little bit, just using the same “you and
yourself ” overlapped with diferent layers of harmony taking on a sightly diferent meaning.
It starts out sounding like a reproach but ends up being an afrmation.
I chose the photo of the two guys as a sign of dualism on the backdrop of self contrast.In memory of.
Since long ago I wanted to write a song for my father. (1950-2010)
I started this track with an acoustic guitar chord because in his last days he used to built and fx acoustic
Back then I used a melody that comes from my childhood, inspired from the CD collection of my
father, I believe it comes from “Wim Mertens – 4 mains” with diferent ending notes. Tat used to be
the music my mother put on her belly when she was pregnant.
Ten I set free horses to the creative impulse and I let the track develop impulsively, during the creation
Its a mixture of the knowledge acquired during this year and as allways a bit of experimentation.
Its been two years since I found em and just 6 months of composing.
13 pieces of a real collection, of pictures, storyes and experiences.
I still saving lots of photos, maybe a second part for the collection.
Beware Music.

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