In a Little Spanish Town

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Album Audiophile Catalog Number: AP-35B
Album Title: “Easy Listening_Vol.4”
Author/Performers: Bobby Hammack and His Music
Year Produced: N/A (1957?)
Quality: 33 1/3 rpm
Audiophile AP-35
Easy Listening Volume 4 (Bobby Hammack and his music)

Recorded in 1957 (?)
(1) Audiophile Catalog’s notes about this album_ Bobby Hammack’s music introduces a new style and new sound to Audiophile. It is a delightfully graceful and modern swing style. Mr. Hammack’s piano genius is ably supported by the group. One of the most dynamic of all Audiophile records.
AP-35 Price at dealer or prepaid_$5.95 (Price at the moment of release)
Originally divided on:
(Side A)
1_ Twilight in Turkey
2_ My Inspiration
3_Three Little Words
4_ Black & Blue
5_In A Little Spanish Town
6_Sophisticated Lady

(Side B)
1_ Honeysuckle Rose
2_ It’s a Wonderful World
3_ Beatrice (by Bobby Hammack)
4_ Lady Be Good
5_If I Had You

The Band:
Bobby Hammack_Piano & Celeste
Jerry Friedman_Vibraharp, Xylophone, Chimes & Marimba
Wesley Nellermoe_Guitar
Irving Eddleman_Bass Viol
Milton Holland_Drums

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