14 – Vivien Lambelet – Spanish Intermezzo

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“Efi Agrafioti presents an original, dynamic, particularly important idea for a record, this time for the promotion of Greek music, in the midst of a winter which is proving itself difficult and hostile for the artistic family. Twenty-two captivating compositions, unknown to a large extent, which lead us through the history of music from 1760 to 2020. Her playing throughout the album is natural and spontaneous throughout, virtuosic without ever relying on skill alone. The modern, the romantic, the classical are in constant communication, bringing out the beauty of all of the differing musical styles. The fact that the order of the works in the program follows the date of the composition of each work, not the chronology of the composer’s birth makes for a very cohesive listening experience.

An inspiring, enjoyable walk through musical beauty, presented by a musician with an admirable, consistent and successful path in the concert space, who for a large part of her career moved unexpectedly, freely, looking for and playing music always interesting, connecting in a wonderful way in her programs works known to the general public with works completely unknown. Efi Agrafioti ‘s successful efforts – teaching, concert and writing – around issues of promotion and promotion of Greek music outside Greece, complete her personality and her journey from 1975 until today. This cd is welcomed with the hope for more to follow, in order to discover more musical works that are patiently waiting to be released.”

Excerpts from text by Günter Swaab
Translated from German

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